Vision & Values

A prime distinctive of and privilege for the Church of Jesus, as it was for Israel, is to know the manifestation of the presence, power and glory of God. At the time of Samuel's birth prophetic revelation was rare in Israel. However, through the anointing on him a mighty prophetic stream was released bringing a fresh revelation of the presence, Word and purposes of God.

Through Samuel there arose many companies of prophets, and with this prophetic flow, the establishment of the glorious Davidic and Solomonic kingdoms, the identification of Jerusalem as the abiding place of God's presence, an open revelation of God's glory in the Tabernacle of David, a flow of prophetic praise and worship from psalmists continually ministering to the Lord, victory over the nations, the kingdom established to the full extent of the promised boundaries, the building of the Temple as a place of worship and God's presence, and abundant blessings, peace and riches.

The New Testament teaches that the Church is built upon the foundation of the ministry of apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ the chief cornerstone. We are seeing in our day mighty outpourings of the Holy Spirit greatly increasing the prophetic anointing on the Church. Surely this is so that the Great Commission can be fulfilled, the Church be completed to be the Bride of Christ and temple of God's presence forever, and that the Kingdom of God be established fully with Jesus reigning in glory over the nations of the Earth.

We hear the Spirit saying for the last day army of the Lord to come forth to win the battles of the Lord it is necessary that the three rivers of the prophetic, praise and worship, and intercessory ministries increasingly flow together.

This School therefore provides a context where Christians with prophetic gifting and calling can learn, be trained, develop, receive impartation and increase in anointing, maturity, love and integrity in their ministry. Through working with anointed and confirmed prophetic ministries, this School seeks to see an increased release of called, trained, matured and commissioned prophetic ministries serving responsibly and in harmony with other ministries to enable fresh foundations to be laid in the life of the local and wider Church.