Prophetic Prayer Call in relationship to the Referendum


At the end of June 2014 about 23/24 relational prophetic people and ministries met over two days to consider present prophetic priorities for the nation of Scotland, particularly in the light of the forthcoming referendum which will significantly affect the nation’s future. Revelatory inputs from both the team and other mature prophetic ministries from outside the nation were collated and considered.
This statement provides an interim summary of key priorities for prayer, intercession and faith, which were identified ahead of the referendum.
A full summary of the time together is in production.  However, a Prophetic Prayer Call providing some guidance on how to focus praying for referendum issues has been produced.  This is provided below.  A download-able version may be found here.

Provision and Precaution

We see that God is giving the nation a free choice in its future – this is in recompense for times when the decisions have been less free. It is important that the choice is free.
Because of this fact, it is not appropriate to give a ‘word of knowledge’ concerning the result, or to prophetically ‘authorise’ a particular outcome. God will honour the result, and will continue to work His purposes in the nation whatever the decision. We seek here therefore to provide a ‘word of wisdom’ ahead of the decision.



The positioning of our hearts as the Body of Christ is critical. Our calling is as Christ’s servants, building His Kingdom on earth.
This choice should, as far as possible, be based on right motives and a desire to serve the wider community of nations (including the UK), and not on any pain and woundedness of past hurts, no matter how naturally justified, and not tainted with ungodly motives which could serve to isolate the nation rather than to set it free into its destiny in God. It should be a choice made from a right and confident identity, without fear, intimidation, or self-protectionism. A choice based on a freedom that only comes in Christ.
Therefore, where we have been affected by roots of offence between the nations of the UK (which may go back centuries and can result from sworn allegiances of our forefathers), we must extend complete forgiveness and have our hearts cleansed by Christ’s blood, embracing His love and the work of the cross that makes us ‘one new man’ in Him.
We must also come off the ground of legalities and seek God’s higher way of mercy and grace in Christ. Scotland’s history has been characterised by a number of strong legal declarations and covenants solemnly made before God. These have significantly shaped the nation, but in themselves bring both good and bad fruit, since ‘the letter kills but the Spirit brings life’ and since man’s fallen nature can never keep such covenants. However, like Esther, the Bride of Christ in the land can seek mercy and grace to help from the Throne of Grace, from the place of intimacy with God in love and honour of Him, to make a higher proclamation which leads to a defeat of the ‘arm of flesh’ and the release of God’s good purposes of salvation in and through Christ Jesus, and His destiny of love, goodness and righteousness against which there is no law.
We must also then position ourselves to serve the nation, to build healthy foundations of good values, integrity, righteousness and care and compassion.
A wise choice, from the place of integrity, will prosper the nation; a choice made out of pain and wounded-ness will delay the fullness of God’s purposes for the nation.



The primary promise we discern is that God will continue His merciful and gracious dealings with the nation whatever the result. This is key wisdom for God’s people.
The nation is positioned for the prosperity of the gospel and for harvest (i.e. God is answering prayers made over many years and generations), and the Church must prioritise on this, whatever the political outcome.
We also see that the spiritual and redemptive destiny of the nation is not tied to the political decision, but nevertheless is not automatic but must be sought and pressed for by God’s people. However, this is a time when further breakthrough and realisation of that destiny may occur through the mercy of God. It is urgent that we recognise this God-given opportunity and seize the moment – taking-hold of God-given strategies, praying, and standing in our authority in Christ, will bring breakthrough. It is a time for the body of Christ to rise to a new place of authority and speak and minister grace and blessing and reconciliation.
We note that the nations of the UKand their destinies are both distinct from each other but linked together – we live on a group of islands together. Whatever the outcome of the decisions of this year – we are called to honour and bless and serve one another. God is giving a fresh grace to the Celtic nations of the UK. God desires to use them to bring healing and restoration to the nations of the earth. As they arise then Englandwill also arise. Therefore as Scotlandmakes right choices and decisions she will be a servant to the other nations of the UKand they will be blessed and helped by her. It is time for Scotlandto rise up into her calling as a prophetic, servant nation to serve the nations of both the UKand the world. Not nation against nation but nation for nation. God desires to give the nation a voice, but it is important that this voice speaks from a healed heart and with a secure confidence in its identity in Christ.


In the light of the above we believe the following should be pressed strongly and confidently in prayer and proclamation:
  1. Thanksgiving for the gracious dealings of God with the nation in past times, and for His faithful continued mercies to the nation.
  2. Stand firm, insisting in prayer that “The sceptre of wickedness shall not rest upon the land of the righteous, so that the righteous will not put forth their hands to do wrong” (Ps125:3) and that the nation would be delivered from people of false motive and wicked intent. Rather, asking Jesus, as King of Righteousness and of all the nations, that “in His majesty He would ride victoriously for the cause of truth and meekness and righteousness” (Ps 45:4), and that He would "bring near His righteousness” and that His “Salvation would not delay” (Is 46:13), that integrity, goodness and compassion would be established.
  3. Intercede for the healing of the deep wounded-ness and orphan, victim spirit in the heart of the nation so that the nation may find a fresh place in the families of the nations with a healthy, healed attitude, heart and identity, desiring to serve and using all of its capabilities for good.
  4. Call for the full realisation of the redemptive destiny of the nation, which is based in the working of God’s grace in the nation and for His glory, not directly on its political positioning.
  5. Press strongly that the Body of Christ would be stirred into action to bring the gospel to the nation and bring in the abundant harvest in the power and demonstration of the Spirit, and that this would be an on-going focus and priority, confident in knowing who we are and what we have within us in Christ.
  6. Pray that in God’s mercy, the nation would be spared political uncertainty and more economic setbacks and woes, and that it would be delivered from outside parties who would just buy and empty the nation of its resources, leaving the land desolate. Rather that the nation would prosper and be in health, as its soul prospers.
  7. Pray and intercede that the governance of the nation, and relationships with the other nations of then UKand wider will be established on good, healthy foundations of integrity, compassion, justice, and honour etc.
  8. Pray and intercede that both Scotlanditself, and the wider nations of the UKand Europewould be delivered from unhelpful and unhealthy fragmentation.
  9. Pray for a powerful revelation of the work of the cross, the fullness of the finished work of Christ and of the grace of the New Covenant as the basis for our walk with God and receiving fullness of grace, blessing and prosperity of the gospel, and the exaltation of the nation in Christ’s righteousness.
  10. Pray that the nation in making its choice would be granted the wisdom that comes from above which is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be entreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy. (James 3:13-17).

Team Members

Stephen & Angela Boler (School of Prophetic Ministry & Discerning His Voice for Scotland)
Barbara Smith (Abigail Ministries)
Barbara Jenkinson (Light & Life)
Jean Black (Pray for Scotland)
Rev. Margaret Lane (Kirkliston Church of Scotland)
Rev. Howard Espie & Dr. Charlotte Espie (Scotland/Canada)
Shawna & Greg Hayes (YWAM)
Sheena Downie (Whiteinch Church of Scotland Glasgow)
Suzanne Dougal (Lydia Fellowship & Yachad)
Jackie Cowan (GPC & Bridges for Peace Scotland)
Angie Thomson (Holy Trinity Wester Hailes Church of Scotland Edinburgh)
Simon Yates (St Mungo’s Episcopal Church, Balerno, Edinburgh)
Liz Gibb (Lanark & Parliamentary Prayer for Scotland)
Anne Clumpus (Abderdeen)
Lesley Stewart (Aberdeen)
Carol Walker (Aberdeen)
Mavis Bilham (Spean Bridge)
Judith Davis (Spean Bridge)
Judy Gordon (Thurso)
Jackie Newton (Thurso)
Ruby Brock (Thurso)

There were also contributions from:

Iris Hall (Whiteinch Church of Scotland Glasgow)
Anne Stewart (Lydia Fellowship/Parliamentary Prayer for Scotland)
Di Payne (Nottingham, England)

Some mature and recognised international prophetic ministries with grace for nations were consulted and provided contributions:

Michael Schiffman (Touch the Nations, Germany)
Samuel Rhein (International Prophetic Ministry France & Canada)
Martin Scott (, UK & Spain)