2016-17 Prophetic Summary


The Church is living in a time where prophetic revelation has increased vastly.  Whilst this is a wonderfully positive matter indicating God is restoring and saving His people (cf. Ps 74:9-10), it presents a considerable challenge in managing and processing this great volume of material.  In the Discerning His Voice for Scotland initiative, we are seeking to find a way to collate, condense, refine and distil relevant prophetic material related to God’s purposes for the nation of Scotland.  Our objective therefore is to identify major current prophetic themes and so provide a resource to leaders and believers in the nation and elsewhere for encouragement, wisdom and prayer, and so that God’s people in Christ may respond and act accordingly, pleasing the Lord and receiving blessing and grace for effectiveness in the Kingdom of God.  We describe this as a Prophetic Summary in that it is a condensation of many prophetic words and impressions from many people.  It is not in itself a ‘prophetic word’, but has prophetic value.
The 2016-17 exercise has involved around 20 prophetically-graced people and leaders with significant experience and training over many years (these are listed at the end of this Summary).  We have collected and reviewed prophetic revelation we have received directly ourselves, what we have noted over time from various other sources, and significant words related to the nation of Scotland given by notable prophetic voices (including Chuck Pierce, Kenny Borthwick, Martin Scott, Terry Bennett, Jean Darnell and others).  From this considerable amount of material, we have identified recurring themes which we present under a series of key headings. 

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